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Extend the reach of your energy management strategy with Schneider Electric’s TORANA Application Server for Cisco EnergyWise. TORANA allows monitoring and management of IT loads using the same scheduling and event driven methods used to manage the rest of a building’s energy use. Now you can include the energy usage of network infrastructure and network-attached devices in your energy-reduction plans.

Manage disparate sets of systems with a common view and policies, all from your existing Building Management System. These systems may be distributed across IT, network, data center, and facilities.

Control and monitoring is provided at individual Ethernet ports, providing unparalleled visibility into building’s energy loads. With compatible power distribution units, TORANA even allows sub-metering and control of plug loads. Whether it’s a single phone, an office or lab, or an entire facility, TORANA provides the flexibility needed to reduce energy expense today and in the future. TORANA can manage thousands of IT devices, including PCs, phones, fax machines, copiers, multi-function devices, and any device operated via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). In many buildings that adds up to thousands of watts of continuous energy load, regardless of whether the equipment is in use or not.

Compatible with StruxureWare, Andover Continuum, TAC Vista, TAC I/A and other Schneider Electric systems that support Modbus/TCP.


The Modbus/TCP interface provides easy integration with Schneider Electric’s StruxureWare, Andover Continuum, TAC Vista and TAC I/A Building Management Systems. An embedded web server provides the software interface necessary for configuration of TORANA. No PC application is needed.

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