Roth Southeast Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  If I install a building management system, what kind of energy savings can I expect to achieve?
A:  10-15% energy conservation in the first year – depending on the system installed
Q:  I have an old building management system, is it possible for it to be updated to today’s technology?
A:  Yes, we would accomplish that by using a legacy product line to integrate the old system with a compatible and more efficient system.  This integration allows the financial investment in the existing system to not be a total loss.
Q:  If we decide to purchase a new controls system, does Roth Southeast provide options for financing assistance?
A:  Yes, we work with multiple lenders to match financing options with client needs.
Q:  What is the difference between a typical florescent T8 lightbulb and the comparable replacement LED tube?
A:  A florescent T8 uses 22 watts of power to generate the same lumens as an 11 watt LED tube, thereby creating immediate utility savings
Q:  Does Roth Southeast’s Lighting Division provide retro-fit, new installation or distribution of lighting products?
A:  Yes, we provide all 3.
Q:  Does Roth Southeast’s Energy Management Division provide new construction, retro-fit or service contracts?
A:  Yes, we provide all 3.
Q:  Does Roth Southeast have engineers on staff to help us evaluate our energy needs?
A:  Yes.
Q:  Does Roth Southeast enter into performance contracts with clients?
A:  Yes.
Q:  What building management product manufacturers does Roth Southeast represent?
A:  We are a Schneider Electric (Andover) Partner, Siemens Solutions Partner and a Johnson Controls                  Facility Explorer Contractor
Q:  What lighting product manufacturers does Roth Southeast represent?
A:  Cree, Lumenpulse, RAB, Lithonia, Cooper, Dauer, GlobalTech LED, MaxLED, Deco
Q:  What differentiates Roth Southeast from its competitors?
A:  Ongoing technical training of field personnel, Multiple product manufacturer representation to fit client needs, Focus on long-term client relations
Q:  What types of project experience does Roth Southeast have?
A:  Healthcare, Office, Hospitality, Retail, Education K-12, Education Higher, Government, Bio-Research, Hi-Rise Residential, (and others)

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